Therapeutic supplements comprised of natural herbal ingredients have been a central part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for as long as acupuncture, and prescription of these is based upon the same principals of physiology and pathology.

The components of a prescription are naturally occurring botanicals and minerals. Unlike the herbs commonly found in health food stores and markets, these medicinals are rarely available without a prescription from an appropriate health professional. A remedy usually is comprised of a number of ingredients in carefully balanced proportions, prescribed according to the individual needs of a patient as determined by a skilled herbalist.

An herbal prescription will be given in one of several possible forms. Many of the formulas which have been found to be most beneficial are now available in tablets, similar to Western medicines. Some are available in alcohol-based tinctures which are taken orally with a small dropper. Some will be processed into powder and ingested in gelatin capsules or dissolved in water. For prescriptions unavailable in these convenient formats, the raw unprocessed herbs themselves are home-cooked and taken as tea, or powdered individual herbs are compounded into personalized formulae here in the office.

If it is determined that an herbal prescription might be supportive of your treatment goals we will discuss this option with you. In this and in all decisions regarding your care here, the choice to utilize or forego this form of health promotion is yours.

If an herbal prescription is recommended, and if a patient chooses to follow through with this recommendation, we will provide the formula in the highest quality and least costly manner possible.