The Acupuncture Center of Amherst is located in a charming office adjacent to the residence of Dr. Jonathan Klate and his family, on a quiet tree lined lane about a mile from the center of Amherst, Massachusetts. Amherst is a college town in the Connecticut River valley of western Massachusetts, the home to the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts as well as Amherst College and Hampshire College. It is a short drive south of both Vermont and New Hampshire, a few miles from Northampton, MA, just east of the Berkshire hills, about two hours from Boston and three hours from New York City and is surrounded by farmland and forested hills.

The office is surrounded by marvelous gardens that have been cultivated for over 60 years and feature magnificent mature flowering trees, hundreds of diverse perennial plantings organized in naturalized beds to flower from early spring to autumn, vernal “rooms” for contemplative sojourning, occasional inspiring statuary, pools and fountains, paths for meditative walking, and organic vegetable and herb gardens.

Inside, the office is an informal, relaxed and welcoming place with rooms both cozy and spacious created with attunement to the dynamics of feng shui to provide a nurturing and healing environment for those who work here or come to be cared for. Ample time is permitted for relaxation before or after appointments in the unhurried, serene atmosphere.

Of course, the office is accessible to people with disabilities.

The name and motto of the office is Q’i She, which means Abode of the Chi. Q’i (or ch’i) is the Chinese term most closely translated as life energy. Assessing the presence, strength, quality and balance of q’i is central to the practice of traditional acupuncture. And so this name feels appropriate for this office.



47 Red Gate Lane, Amherst, Massachusetts 01002
Phone: (413) 253-9558
Fax: (413) 253-9559

Janis Sokol
Office and Practice Manager

Janis SokolWhen you first make contact with the office and whenever you come to visit you will most likely be greeted by Janis Sokol who has managed the practice and the office since 2004. Janis brings an amazing combination of skills along with good humor and great personal warmth to her position in the front office. She and Dr. Klate work as a team and she is the one to answer all of your questions that don’t need to come to his personal attention. Before coming to work here Janis worked for 15 years as a graphic designer and typesetter for a travel magazine. She grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY and remains a lifelong Yankees fan… for which Dr. Klate forgives her. She loves cooking, baking, reading, travel, music and her wonderful family. She lives in Hadley, MA. Contact:

LucyLutra, a/k/a Lucy
Certified Therapy Dog

Dog-friendly patients and visitors to the office are greeted by our canine support critter, Lutra (a/k/a Lucy). Lutra is a 100% hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, gentle spirited, loving little pooch who looks forward to welcoming folks and hanging out in the waiting room with those who are happy to have them join her. (She is also happy to hang out elsewhere if anyone prefers the company of only the people here.) Lutra is officially certified by Bright Spot Therapy Dog, Inc.,