You will find many testimonials from patients and colleagues in the margins of every page of this website. Additional testimonials will be posted below from time to time.

I decided to see Jonathan for acupuncture because I had seen him 30 years ago, but also because in recent years, two friends had been greatly helped by him.  I was in a period of high stress and emotional depletion, and seeking relief from symptoms such as pervasive anxiety, insomnia, night terrors, and Anhedonia (loss of pleasure in formerly pleasurable activities). I was also feeling blocked in my ability to connect with my inner spiritual resources which used to sustain me. To my great delight and surprise, all of these six dissipated a few days after the first session, and in the ensuing four weeks I experienced a significant shift energetically on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual. Jonathan is humble about his work and reflects back upon me the positive changes⎯but clearly it is his ability to listen deeply (the art), coupled with his diagnostic skill and technique (the science), that is the catalyst to the healing I and many others have experienced through his work.

I have been to acupuncturists before but have never experienced such remarkable change, not just in what I came with, but with connectivity and transformation on so many levels.
⎯ Counselor

Dr. Klate was recommended by our primary care nurse practitioner. Initially sought treatment for symptoms of depression which have resolved. Now continuing regular sessions for maintenance of overall well-being. Have been receiving acupuncture here for about 15 years now, and that should clearly speak to my satisfaction.
⎯Physicians Assistant

I have been seeing Dr. Klate for over 10 years mainly for chronic fatigue/chemical sensitivities. While I have not been “cured” (and don’t know of many who have been), I feel that Dr. Klate’s treatment helps keep my sensitivities very manageable, making it possible to “have a life,” to go where I need to go, to function pretty well, and to be able to maintain a measurable level of well-being. I am very grateful to Dr. Klate for his caring, his great compassion, and his wisdom and skill in acupuncture.
⎯ Artist

I have been seeing Jonathan since 1994. His care, attention, and kindness have been impeccable. I trust his competence as a healer and his integrity as a person.

I have recommended many satisfied friends to Jonathan without reservation.
⎯ Meditation Retreat Staff Member

Dr. “Wonderful Klate” is just that. A gentle, compassionate, intuitive, knowledgeable person. By a conversation before treatment, checking my pulse, his encyclopedia of knowledge from years of training and experience then applying the needles gently – a wonderful experience happens and my physical, spiritual gas tank is full.

The setting is serene, conducive to the overall experience. Janis keeps the office running smooth to contribute to the flow.
⎯ Pet Stylist

My life partner and I have been receiving acupuncture from Dr. Klate for over 18 years. We were referred to him by a wonderful healer, Hart Brent. I was going through chemotherapy after colon cancer surgery and experiencing much difficulty. Needless to say, my experiencing after receiving one treatment was like night and day. We have been going once a month for 18 years to keep our energy in balance and talk about the “Red Sox.”

Truthfully, the experience of well-being is amazing.

He is now helping my daughter heal from a broken back.
⎯ Mechanical Contractor